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The rising incidence of fraud, corruption, and bribery, as well as legal, compliance, and ethical violations have resulted in greater liabilities and penalties for organizations than ever before. An effective corporate compliance program is no longer just an option— it is a necessity. The executive leadership and three lines of defense must be able to work together towards a common goal of sustaining compliance and trust with customers and stakeholders.

Integration and collaboration are key in these efforts. A strong culture of compliance and ethics must be instilled from the top, and extended throughout the organization. That, in turn, calls for robust policies and procedures, compliance assessments and monitoring processes, as well as mechanisms to track and resolve any compliance violations or cases that do occur. These processes are essential in offsetting compliance risks and potential exposures, as well as protecting organizational reputations.

Kinverg Corporate Compliance Management Solution

The Kinverg Corporate Compliance Management Solution serves as a single point of reference to manage multiple aspects of an ethics and compliance program, including policy management, a centralized library of compliance obligations, compliance assessments, surveys, third-party compliance, and case management.

The solution is built on a scalable governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) platform with capabilities for automated workflows, collaboration, and real-time reporting. It gives organizations the ability to break down restrictive silos, and strengthen integration on ethics and compliance activities.

Through a federated approach, the solution enables teams across compliance, risk, audit, human resources, and legal to effectively manage their individual compliance responsibilities, while simultaneously coordinating enterprise-wide compliance activities. Complex organizational hierarchies can be mapped in an organized manner with clearly defined lines of responsibility and accountability. In addition, role-based reports and dashboards with drill-down and roll-up capabilities simplify compliance monitoring.

The solution delivers comprehensive visibility into compliance, as well as the ability to strengthen collaboration, thereby enabling organizations to proactively prevent compliance issues, while building trust and credibility.


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