Software Process Performance Model for CMMl Bootcamp (Level-1)

Software Process Models (SPMs) are used to objectively baseline and improve the overall software development process in software house. However many organizations face difficulty in defining the Software Process Models (SPMs) aligned with their business goals. Data is the untapped potential in processes developed as result of CMMI certification. This two days bootcamp style program provides the theoretical and practical understating of designing software process performance models (SPMs) as required by CMMI OR any software organization with goal of improving their software processes - objectively. This is Level-1 program leading to more advanced level programs which will be offered subsequent to this program. Attending Level-2 and Level-3 programs participents to attend Level-1 program.
Participants will be able to:
  • High level understanding of software process performance models, their design and usage
  • Their link with Measurement and Analysis (M&A), Quantitative Project Management (QPM), Casual Analysis & Resolution Process Area (CAR) and Organizational Innovation and Deployment (OID)
  • How to design process performance models using Six Sigma’s DMAIC Methodology
  • Understanding Process Performance Models (PPMs)
  • High level overview of PPMs
  • Relationship with other Process Areas
  • Overview of DMAIC Methodology
  • Designing Process Performance Model Using DMAIC
  • Define
    • Identify or reconfirm business goals
    • Identify the processes / sub processes
  • Measure
    • Identify the outcomes to predict (the Y’s)
    • Identify controllable factors (the X’s) to predict outcomes
    • Including uncontrollable X factors
    • Collect Data
    • Asses Data Quality and Integrity
    • Identify data types of all y outcomes and x factors
    • Create process performance baseline (PPBs)
  • Analyze
    • Select analytical techniques
    • Improve
    • Create predictions with both confidence and prediction intervals
    • Take action based on PPM predictions
  • Control
    • Statistically manage sub-processes with PPMs
    • Maintain PPMs including calibration and reconfirming relationships
    • Use PPMs to assist in CAR, OID and QPM
Program Fee & Discounts
  • The program fee is 36,500 PKR which includes 2 days training, course manual, meals and refreshments
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  • 15% Discount on Group Enrollment (for 2+ enrollments from same organization)

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