Kinverg Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (KLSYB)

The KLSYB ™ (Kinverg Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt™) is a professional who possess knowledge about basic concepts of lean six sigma and implementation of basic lean six sigma tools. The KLSYB™ can assist Green Belt, Black Belt & Master Black Belt professionals in running complex and long cycle lean six sigma interventions by completing the assigned tasks. KLSYB™ can also take full responsibility of running and managing short-cycle and simple lean six sigma interventions.

KLSYB ™Certification Exam

  • The KLSYB™ certification exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions
  • The duration of KLSYB™ certification exam is 120 minutes
  • The minimum passing score for KLSYB™ certification exam is 65%
  • The exam KLSYB™ cost is 80 $

Certification Renewal 

  • The KLSYB™ certification is valid for 3 years, also known as “Certification Cycle”. Certification cycle ensures that the certification holder still holds the level of knowledge required as KLSYB™.
  • The certification renewal fee for KLSYB™ is 40 $.
  • After completion of certification cycle in 3 years, you must renew your certification by either recertification exam or file PDUs.

Certification Renewal with recertification exam

  • This option is suitable for those candidates who were not able to practice the knowledge gained as KLSYB™. The recertification exam has 20 multiple-choice questions and duration of exam is 1 hour.
  • The passing score for KLSYB™ recertification exam is 65%.
  • The certification renewal exam has no fee, you only need to pay certification renewal fee of 40 $.

Certification Renewal with filing Professional Development Units (PDUs)

 You can file your Professional Development Units (PDUs) for recertification. One professional development unit is equal to one hour spent on GE Council’s authorized activities for professional development units. You need to report minimum 30 PDUs during certification cycle for certification renewal of KLSYB™.

Following are the authorized activities :

  1. Delivering or receiving instructor lead, online training or informal learning on lean six sigma and related topics
  2. Design content, presentations or other verifiable materials on lean six sigma and related topics
  3. Active participation in organizational meetings focused on lean six sigma and related topics
  4. Reading books on lean six sigma and related topics
  5. Pro bono consulting, volunteer work related to lean six sigma and related topics
  6. Contributing or leading lean six sigma projects OR tasks involving the verifiable use of lean six sigma tools
  7. Coaching, mentoring or guiding others on lean six sigma and related topics
You can report your PDUs any time during the certification cycle, however, you are encouraged to report PDUs as soon as you obtain them. You must provide all available evidence in form of documents, pictures, links to video recording etc for supporting your PDUs claim. Kinverg has the right to either accept or reject the claimed PDUs, however, if you have supported your PDUs claim with sufficient evidence then they are highly likely to be accepted.

Suspension of Certification

After completion of certification cycle (3 years), your certification status will become In-Active. You must go through recertification within 90 days from completion of your certification cycle. After this grace period of 90 days, your certification is suspended and you must reappear in KLSYB™ certification exam as a new candidate  

Transfer of Certification

If you are already Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certified by any other accreditation company, you may apply for transfer of certification directly without the need for going through a certification exam. You must provide your existing certificate.Your certification cycle will start once Kinverg has issued you with certification and recertification conditions apply similarly to you. You existing certification will also remain valid after the transfer.

The fee for certification transfer is 30 $


  •  A university degree in any discipline is required and;
  • KLSYB™ certification exam is cleared with minimum 65% score

No prior professional experience is required at this level