• Emerge : Marketing Leadership Business Simulation

    What is a Business Simulation ?

    Have you ever been to a day long training / lecture where you can only listen or see powerpoint slides with NO or very LITTLE engagement ? Business Simulations helps to create an engaging learning environment where you Learn-by-Doing. Business Simulations allows anyone to learn new skills and behaviors in simulated computer environment. Learners are provided with real time case studies and encouraged to take certain decisions in simulated computer environment. The simulation provides intelligent feedback to the learner based on their decisions. Business simulations are widely used in corporate and education sector across the globe. Leading academic institutions like Harvard & MIT use Business Simulations for their business & management students.   Business simulations provides an engaging learning experience and aligned with 70:20:10 Model for Learning and Development. 70:20:10 Model for Learning and Development is around for more than 30 years and highly respected amongst L&D professionals around the globe. The model suggest that 70% of the learning happens “experience/ learn-by-doing”, 20% learning occurs with collaboration and only 10% learning happens through traditional structured trainings etc. 

  • Our Simulations

    • Business Acumen and Leadership
    • Effective Decision Making
    • Change Leadership
    • Conflict Management & Diversity
    • Supply Chain
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Quality Management
    • Project Management
  • Key Features:

    • Can be played on PC, Mobile & Tablet
    • Customize branding for your University or Business
    • Highly Configurable to meet your learning needs
    • Access over Internet from anywhere & anytime
    • Rich and engaging user interface 
    • Compete in groups and compare performance  
    • Rich Administrative Dashboard for Trainer
  • Kinverg also provide Customized Business Simulations specific to your learning needs


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